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‘Journey With Taste’ is an event designed to allow the participant to
explore their own senses, pleasures and enjoyment of refined
quality products.

‘Journey With Taste’ will widen the individual’s understanding of not only
the Malt Scotch Whisky but also the Malt Scotch Whisky industry and its
importance to the current Scottish economy. Combining this with the
sampling of Scottish Fayre, ‘Journey With Taste’ will endeavour to
promote Scotland differently and in a positive way that will benefit all
who participate.

‘Journey With Taste’ offers a unique nosing and tasting of Malt Scotch
Whisky for all participants. Each person will travel on their own individual ‘Journey’ with no two people experiencing the same new tastes, shared moments or memories.

‘Journey With Taste’ will allow individuals to meet new people and give an opportunity to allow them to make new friends.

The emphasis will be on the use of visual aids and having involvement in
a ‘hands on’ way rather than listening to dialogue relating to the products.
This will give you a wider understanding of what can be a
complicated process.

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